Marko Kreen <> writes:
> Here is 2 approaches how to get to state where only PQsetSingleRowMode()
> is available.  Both on top of REL9_2_STABLE branch.

> a) Remove callback hooks, keep rowBuf, implement single-row-mode on
>    top of that.   This was posted before, I just additionally removed
>    the PQgetRowData() function.

> b) Revert row-callback changes completely, implement single-row-mode on
>    top of virgin libpq.  Only problem here was keeping fixes implemented
>    as part of row-callback patch.  Single-row-mode itself is quite simple.

Yeah, I was wondering if we shouldn't revisit the whole patch given that
where we're ending up looks little like where we thought we were going.
I hadn't had time to pursue the idea, but I'm glad you did.  Will look
at these.

One reason to stick with approach (a) is that it gives us the option
to easily add PQgetRowData(), in case future testing shows that that's
actually worth the risk and usage restrictions.  While I'm a bit dubious
of that, I'm prepared to be proven wrong.

                        regards, tom lane

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