Hey, this thread was pointed out to me just a few days ago, but I'll start
by saying that I think this thread is on exactly the right track.   I don't
like the callback API,  and think that PQsetSingleRowMode should be offered
in place of it.   But I do have one

On Sat, Jun 16, 2012 at 10:22 AM, Marko Kreen <mark...@gmail.com> wrote:
> The function can be called only after PQsend* and before any
> rows have arrived.  This guarantees there will be no surprises
> to PQexec* users who expect full resultset at once.

Ok,  I'm guessing you mean that "before you call PQgetResult or
PQgetRowData",  or maybe "before you call PQgetResult or PQgetRowData and
it returns a result or partial result."    Because it would be a race
condition if you meant exactly what you said.   (Though I don't understand
how this could possibly be implemented without some source of concurrency,
which libpq doesn't do.)   Maybe this is a little overly pendantic,  but I
do want to confirm the intention here.

One other possibility,  Tom Lane fretted ever so slightly about the use of
malloc/free per row... what about instead of PQsetSingleRowMode,  you have
PQsetChunkedRowMode that takes a chunkSize parameter.   A chunkSize <= 0
would be equivalent to what we have today,   a chunkSize of 1 means you get
what you have from PQsetSingleRowMode,  and larger chunkSizes would wait
until n rows have been received before returning them all in a single
result.      I don't know that this suggestion is all that important, but
it seems like an obvious generalization that might possibly be useful.


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