Tom Lane <> wrote:
> I tweaked Kevin's error message to keep the same capitalization as
> the existing text for the message in check_XactIsoLevel --- if we
> change that it will cause work for the translators, and I don't
> think it's enough of an improvement to justify that.
That's one of the reasons I agonized over it -- I think the way I
left it is a little better and more consistent with other messages,
but didn't know whether the difference was worth translator effort. 
I'm happy to trust your judgment on that.
> Lastly, I simplified the added code in InitPostgres down to just a
> bare assignment to XactIsoLevel.  It doesn't seem worthwhile to
> add all the cycles involved in SetConfigOption(), when we have no
> desire to change the GUC permanently.  (I think Kevin's code was
> wrong anyway in that it was using PGC_S_OVERRIDE, which would
> impact the reset state for the GUC.)
Point taken on PGC_S_OVERRIDE.  And that probably fixes the issue
that caused me to hold up when I was about ready to pull the trigger
this past weekend.  A final round of testing showed a "SET" line on
psql start, which is clearly wrong.  I suspected that I needed to go
to a lower level in setting that, but hadn't had a chance to sort
out just what the right path was.  In retrospect, just directly
assigning the value seems pretty obvious.
> I think this is ready to go.
With your changes, I agree.
> Kevin, do you want to apply it?  You had mentioned wanting some
> practice with back-patches.
I'm getting on a plane to Istanbul in less than 48 hours for the
VLDB conference, and scrambling to tie up loose ends.  I don't want
to be under that kind of time-pressure when I back-patch for the
first time, for fear of making a mess of things and not being around
to clean up the mess; so my first back-patch is probably best left
for another time.
I'll run through my tests again tonight, against your patch, not
that I expect any problems with it.  Unfortunately I can't test
Windows, as I don't have a build environment for that.
Thanks for going over this.

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