Bruce Momjian <> writes:
> It sounds like it is suggestioning to use more specific attribute
> decoration.  This might be relevant:

>       -Wmissing-format-attribute
>           Warn about function pointers that might be candidates for format
>       attributes. Note these are only possible candidates, not absolute ones.
>       GCC guesses that function pointers with format attributes that are used
>       in assignment, initialization, parameter passing or return statements
>       should have a corresponding format attribute in the resulting type. I.e.
>       the left-hand side of the assignment or initialization, the type of the
>       parameter variable, or the return type of the containing function
>       respectively should also have a format attribute to avoid the warning.
>           GCC also warns about function definitions that might be candidates
>       for format attributes. Again, these are only possible candidates. GCC
>       guesses that format attributes might be appropriate for any function
>       that calls a function like vprintf or vscanf, but this might not always
>       be the case, and some functions for which format attributes are
>       appropriate may not be detected. 

> and I see this option enabled in

Hm.  I'm a bit dubious about enabling warnings that are so admittedly
heuristic as this.  They admit that the warnings might be wrong, and
yet document no way to shut them up.  I think we might be better advised
to not enable this warning.

                        regards, tom lane

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