On 08/24/2012 11:44 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:

Again, win32 testing would be welcome.  Sadly, buildfarm does not run
pg_upgrade's "make check".

Yesterday I added a new module to the buildfarm client code to run this (<https://github.com/PGBuildFarm/client-code/commit/ab812cb9920c65e39ec7358dc816371f1fef31eb>). It required a couple of tweaks in the base code. This will be in a new buildfarm client release fairly shortly. It's running on crake now, and I will add it to pitta to get some Windows coverage.

It would be a lot nicer is the test were written in Perl, since we don't necessarily have a Bourne shell available for MSVC builds, but we definitely have Perl available.

None of this does what I think we really need, which is cross-release pg_upgrade testing, which remains on my TODO list as a fairly high priority item.



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