On 24.08.2012 18:51, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
On 20.08.2012 00:31, Alexander Korotkov wrote:
New version of patch.
* Collect new stakind STATISTIC_KIND_BOUNDS_HISTOGRAM, which is lower and
upper bounds histograms combined into single ranges array, instead

One worry I have about that format for the histogram is that you
deserialize all the values in the histogram, before you do the binary
searches. That seems expensive if stats target is very high. I guess you
could deserialize them lazily to alleviate that, though.

* Selectivity estimations for>,>=,<,<=,<<,>>,&<,&> using this


I'm going to do the same for this that I did for the sp-gist patch, and
punt on the more complicated parts for now, and review them separately.
Attached is a heavily edited version that doesn't include the length
histogram, and consequently doesn't do anything smart for the &< and &>
operators. && is estimated using the bounds histograms. There's now a
separate stakind for the empty range fraction, since it's not included
in the length-histogram.

I tested this on a dataset containing birth and death dates of persons
that have a wikipedia page, obtained from the dbpedia.org project. I can
send a copy if someone wants it. The estimates seem pretty accurate.

Please take a look, to see if I messed up something.

Committed this with some further changes.

  Heikki Linnakangas
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