On Sun, Sep 2, 2012 at 3:46 PM, Tomas Vondra <t...@fuzzy.cz> wrote:
> Fixed. I've kept use_log_agg only and I've removed the default. Also
> I've added one more check (that the total duration is a multiple of
> the aggregation interval).

Hi Tomas,

In the docs, -l is an option, not an application:

Also, the docs still refer to <option>-A</option>, rather than to
<option>--aggregate-interval</option>, in a few places.

I think a section in the docs that points out that transactions run by
specifying mulitple -f will be mingled together into an interval would
be a good idea, as that could easily be overlooked (as I did earlier).

The docs do not mention anywhere what the units for the latencies are.

I think the format of the logfile should somehow make it unmistakably
different from the regular -l logfile, for example by prefixing every
line with "Aggregate: ".   Or maybe there is some other solution, but
I think that having two log formats, both of which consist of nothing
but 6 integers, but yet mean very different things, is a recipe for

Is it unavoidable that the interval be an integral number of seconds?
I found the units in the original code confusing, so maybe there is
some reason it needs to be like that that I don't understand yet.
I'll look into it some more.



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