Amit Kapila <> writes:
> I think part of the code for windows can be written by referring function
> internal_forkexec(), 
> If you are okay, I can take up this. Please confirm.

Nobody else volunteered, so have at it.  Note that I'm planning to redo
that code to use socketpair(), so possibly you want to wait to see that
before you do anything.

>> 8. PQcancel needs some work - it can't do what it does now, but it could
>> do kill(conn->postgres_pid, SIGINT) instead.  At least in Unix.  I have no
>> idea what we'd do in Windows.  This doesn't matter for pg_upgrade of course,
>> but it'd be important for manual use of this mode.

> Can pgkill(int pid, int sig) API of PG be used to achieve the same on
> Windows.

Hmm, after looking at src/port/kill.c it doesn't seem like there's much
of a problem with doing that.  I had had the idea that our kill
emulation only worked within the backend environment, but of course
pg_ctl wouldn't work if that were so.  So this is easier than I thought.

                        regards, tom lane

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