> 5. The fork/exec code is pretty primitive with respect to error handling.
> I didn't put much time into it since I'm afraid we may need to refactor it
entirely before a Windows equivalent can be > written.  (And I need somebody
to write/test the Windows equivalent - any volunteers?)

I think part of the code for windows can be written by referring function
If you are okay, I can take up this. Please confirm.

> 8. PQcancel needs some work - it can't do what it does now, but it could
do kill(conn->postgres_pid, SIGINT) instead.  > At least in Unix.  I have no
idea what we'd do in Windows.  This doesn't matter for pg_upgrade of course,
but it'd be 
> important for manual use of this mode.

Can pgkill(int pid, int sig) API of PG be used to achieve the same on

With Regards,
Amit Kapila.

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