On 07.09.2012 10:49, Tom Lane wrote:
Heikki Linnakangas<hlinn...@iki.fi>  writes:
Would socketpair(2) be simpler?

Attached is a revised version of the patch that uses socketpair(2).
This is definitely a lot less invasive --- the backend side of the
patch, in particular, is far shorter, and there are fewer portability
hazards since we're not trying to replace sockets with pipes.

I've not done anything yet about the potential security issues
associated with untrusted libpq connection strings.  I think this
is still at the proof-of-concept stage; in particular, it's probably
time to see if we can make it work on Windows before we worry more
about that.

I'm a bit tempted though to pull out and apply the portions of the
patch that replace libpq's assorted ad-hoc closesocket() calls with
a centralized pqDropConnection routine.  I think that's probably a good
idea independently of this feature.

Sounds good.

It's worth noting that now that libpq constructs the command line to execute "postgres --child= -D <datadir>", we'll be stuck with that set of arguments forever, because libpq needs to be able to talk to different versions. Or at least we'd need to teach libpq to check the version of binary and act accordingly, if we change that syntax. That's probably OK, I don't feel any pressure to change those command line arguments anyway.

- Heikki

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