Amit kapila <> writes:
> 1. does this follow the behavior that admin users will not be allowed to 
> invoke postgres child process?

That's an interesting question.  I'm not sure if we'd want to disable
the no-root check on the Unix side, but it might make sense to.  But
this has no bearing on what libpq does, does it?

> 2. to find standalone_backend incase user didn't input, do we need mechanism 
> similar to getInstallationPaths()?

No.  There is no reason at all for libpq to think it is part of a
postgres-supplied program, so it can't use any relative-path tricks,
even if it had the program's argv[0] which it does not.  Either the
compiled-in path works, or the user has to give one.

(But having said that, if Windows provides a way for a DLL to find
out its own filesystem location, maybe relative path from there would

                        regards, tom lane

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