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> "P. Christeas" <x...@linux.gr> writes:
> > It has been a fact that the RETURNING clause on an INSERT will return
> > multiple rows with the same order as multiple VALUES have been fed.
> I don't believe this is a good idea in the slightest.  Yeah, the current
> implementation happens to act like that, but there is no reason that we
> should make it guaranteed behavior.  

That's my point, to push you to decide on that "feature" and clarify it in the 

So far, it's very tempting for me to use this behavior, since I can avoid 
multiple INSERTs (=save bandwidth) and also the burden of figuring out which of 
the returned ids associates to which inserted row.

Having a discussion (or argument or a vote) like this, I think, is useful.

FYI, there is also a stack overflow question on this:

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