On Sun, December 16, 2012 22:25, Alexander Korotkov wrote:

> trgm-regexp-0.8.patch.gz   22 k

Hi Alexander,

I gave this a quick try; the patch works when compiled for DEBUG, but crashes 
as a
'speed'-compiled binary:

Compile for speed:

$ pg_config --configure
'--enable-depend' '--with-openssl' '--with-perl' '--with-libxml'

$ psql
Type "help" for help.

testdb=# explain analyze select txt from azjunk5 where txt ~ 'x[aeiouy]{2,5}q';
The connection to the server was lost. Attempting reset: Failed.
!> \q

log after such:
2012-12-17 09:31:02.337 CET 15801 LOG:  server process (PID 16903) was 
terminated by signal 11:
Segmentation fault
2012-12-17 09:31:02.337 CET 15801 DETAIL:  Failed process was running: explain 
analyze select txt
from azjunk5 where txt ~ 'x[aeiouy]{2,5}q';
2012-12-17 09:31:02.347 CET 15801 LOG:  terminating any other active server 
2012-12-17 09:31:02.348 CET 17049 FATAL:  the database system is in recovery 
2012-12-17 09:31:02.722 CET 15801 LOG:  all server processes terminated; 
2012-12-17 09:31:03.506 CET 17052 LOG:  database system was interrupted; last 
known up at
2012-12-17 09:26:00 CET
2012-12-17 09:31:03.693 CET 17052 LOG:  database system was not properly shut 
down; automatic
recovery in progress
2012-12-17 09:31:04.493 CET 17052 LOG:  record with zero length at 2/7E3C7588
2012-12-17 09:31:04.494 CET 17052 LOG:  redo is not required
2012-12-17 09:31:06.940 CET 15801 LOG:  database system is ready to accept 

A debug-compile with below options runs OK (so far):

Compile for debug:

$ pg_config --configure
'--enable-depend' '--enable-cassert' '--enable-debug' '--with-openssl' 

which does show some speed gain, I think.  When I have time I'll post 
comparisons between HEAD,
versions 6, 7, 8.  (BTW, is v6 still interesting?)


Erik Rijkers

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