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> > Le lundi 17 décembre 2012 16:45:16, Tom Lane a écrit :
> >> Having seen this, I now think .SECONDARY is broken across the board.
> > 
> > make does what it is supposed to do here IIUC.
> Well, it's behaving as documented, but what this means is we need to be
> very wary of what contexts we can use .SECONDARY in.  I'd just as soon
> try to avoid using it at all --- my example with hand-edited gram.c
> points out that even rather short dependency chains can have unexpected
> misbehaviors if the intermediate files are marked .SECONDARY.

"touch gram.c" then "make" will build again the affected files. Which is 
different from "rm gram.c"...
A "touch gram.y" will trigger a rebuild of "gram.c" (and "gram.o").

Maybe Makefile has an option to be a little bit more conservative and rebuild 
any removed intermediate file even if not required.

> > What was the consensus when Peter did the change ?
> It was an experiment, nothing more; or at least that's how I saw it.


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