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> I probably did not mean increasing that to beyond 64-bit. OTOH I
> wondered if we would ever want to steal a few bits from the LSN field,
> given the numbers you just put out. But it was more of a question than
> objection.

BTW, now that XLogRecPtr is uint64, can't we change the pd_lsn field
to use the same type ? At least the following comment in bufpage.h
looks outdated or at the minimum needs some explanation as why LSN in
the page header needs to split into two 32-bit values.

123 /* for historical reasons, the LSN is stored as two 32-bit values. */
124 typedef struct
125 {
126     uint32      xlogid;         /* high bits */
127     uint32      xrecoff;        /* low bits */
128 } PageXLogRecPtr;


Pavan Deolasee

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