I'd like to submit the following patch that extends backup.sgml with a bit of 
practical but important information.

Project: postgresql
Patch filename: backup.sgml-cmd-v001.patch

The patch extends backup.sgml and adds practical information on custom format 
backups approach. Basically, we believe that plaintext backup format is 
suitable for a very limited range of use cases, and that in real world people 
are usually better off with a custom format backup. This is what we want 
PostgreSQL users to be aware of and provide some hands-on examples of how to do 
backups using this approach.

It is meant for application, and is against master branch.

The patch does pass 'make check' and 'make html' successfully.

PS: this is my first submission ever. So, if I'm missing something or not doing 
it as expected, please, do let me know. Thank you.


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