On Apr17, 2013, at 17:09 , Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us> wrote:
> As much as I love the idea of improving the algorithm, it is disturbing
> we are discussing this so close to beta, with an algorithm that is under
> analysis, with no (runtime) CPU detection, and in something that is
> going to be embedded into our data page format.  I can't even think of
> another case where we do run-time CPU detection.

We could still ship the new checksum algorithm with 9.3, but omit the
SSE-optimized version, i.e. include only the plain C implementation.
I think Ants mentioned somehwere that gcc does a pretty good job of
vectorizing that, so people who really care (and who use GCC)
could compile with -msse41 --unrool-loops --tree-vectorize, and get
performance close to that of a hand-coded SSE version.

The important decision we're facing is which algorithm to use. I personally
believe Ants is on the right track there - FNV or a variant thereof
looks like a good choice to me, but the details have yet to be nailed
I think.

However, you're right that time's running out. It'd be a shame though
if we'd lock ourselves into CRC as the only available algorithm essentially
forever.  Is there any way we can change the checksum algorithm in 9.4
*without* breaking pg_upgrade? Maybe pd_pagesize_version could be used
for that - we could make version 5 mean "just like version 4, but with
a different checksum algorithm". Since the layout wouldn't actually
chance, that'd be far easier to pull off than actually supporting multiple
page layouts. If that works, then shipping 9.3 with CRC is probably
the best solution. If not, we should see to it that something like Ants
parallel version of FNV or a smallget into 9.3 if at all possible,

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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