On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 5:08 AM, Greg Smith <g...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> On 4/17/13 8:56 PM, Ants Aasma wrote:
>> Nothing from the two points, but the CRC calculation algorithm can be
>> switched out for slice-by-4 or slice-by-8 variant. Speed up was around
>> factor of 4 if I remember correctly...I can provide you
>> with a patch of the generic version of any of the discussed algorithms
>> within an hour, leaving plenty of time in beta or in 9.4 to
>> accommodate the optimized versions.
> Can you nail down a solid, potential for commit slice-by-4 or slice-by-8
> patch then?  You dropped into things like per-byte overhead to reach this
> conclusion, which was fine to let the methods battle each other. Maybe I
> missed it, but I didn't remember seeing an obvious full patch for this
> implementation then come back up from that.  With the schedule pressure this
> needs to return to more database-level tests.  Your concerns about the
> committed feature being much slower then the original Fletcher one are
> troubling, and we might as well do that showdown again now with the best of
> the CRC implementations you've found.

I meant any of fast ones is easy to nail down. The sped up slice-by-8
is somewhat slightly trickier to clean up. Especially if anyone
expects it to accelerate WAL calculation, then it brings up a whole
bunch of design questions on how to handle alignment issues. For
performance testing what is attached should work fine, it would still
need some cleanup.

> It's fair that you're very concerned about (1), but I wouldn't give it 100%
> odds of happening either.  The user demand that's motivated me to work on
> this will be happy with any of (1) through (3), and in two of them
> optimizing the 16 bit checksums now turns out to be premature.

Fair enough, although I'd like to point out the optimization is
premature in the sense that the effort might go to waste. The checksum
function is a self contained, easy to test and very low maintenance
piece of code - not the usual premature optimization risk.

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