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> I don't see us changing away from CRCs anymore either by now. But I
> think at least changing the polynom to something that
> a) has higher error detection properties
> b) can noticeably sped up on a a good part of the hardware pg is run on

+1 of changing the polynomial if we stick with CRC, but I think the
differences in error detection capability are mostly academic for
PostgreSQL usecase. Or does anyone have an experience with seeing
multiple random bit errors per page.

> If we are feeling really adventurous we can switch to a faster CRC
> implementation, there are enough ones around and I know that at least my
> proposed patch from some years ago (which is by far not the fastest that
> is doable) is in production usage some places.

The faster CRC implementation just use parallel lookup tables of more
bytes in parallel. Performance results from [1] show that doing 4
bytes in parallel will yield a 2.8x speedup, and 8 bytes in parallel
yields another 1.7x on top of that at the cost of using a 8kB lookup
table. And the end result is still over 3x slower than the code in the
original patch, where Greg's performance results prompted me to look
at what would have a lower overhead.

[1] http://create.stephan-brumme.com/crc32/

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