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> On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 5:57 PM, Ants Aasma <a...@cybertec.at> wrote:
>> I'll generate an avalanche diagram for CRC32C too, but it will take a
>> while even if I use a smaller dataset.
> Well that was useless... In CRC flipping each bit in the input flips
> preset pattern of bits in the output regardless of the actual data on
> the page. Some stats for CRC32C - input bits affect 28344 different
> bit combinations. Count of bits by number of duplicated bitpatterns:

Yup, CRC is linear too. CRC is essentially long division for polynomials,
i.e. you interpret the N input bits as the coefficients of a (large)
polynomial of degree (N-1), and divide by the CRC polynomial. The remainder
is the checksum, and consists of B bits where B is the degree of the
CRC polynomial. (Polynomial here means polynomial over GF(2), i.e. over
a field with only two values 0 and 1)

I'm currently trying to see if one can easily explain the partial-write
behaviour from that. Having lots of zeros at the end end corresponds
to an input polynomial of the form

  p(x) * x^l

where l is the number of zero bits. The CRC (q(x) is the CRC polynomial) is

  p(x) * x^l mod q(x) = (p(x) mod q(x)) * (x^l mod q(x)) mod q(x)

That still doesn't explain it, though - the result *should* simply
be the checksum of p(x), scrambled a bit by the multiplication with
(x^l mod q(x)). But if q(x) is irreducible, that scrambling is invertible
(as multiplication module some irreducible element always is), and thus
shouldn't matter much.

So either the CRC32-C polynomial isn't irreducible, or there something
fishy going on. Could there be a bug in your CRC implementation? Maybe
a mixup between big and little endian, or something like that?

The third possibility is that I've overlooking something, of course ;-)
Will think more about this tomorrow if time permits

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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