On 13-04-22 04:15 PM, Anne Rosset wrote:
Hi Steve,
Thanks for your reply.
We are now running  9.0.13. Before it was 9.0.7.
How can I find out if we are running into this issue: "ie if statistics are no 
longer being updated because analyze can't get the
exclusive lock for truncation"?

This issue is discussed in the thread http://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAMkU=1xYXOJp=jLAASPdSAqab-HwhA_tnRhy+JUe=4=b=v3...@mail.gmail.com

If your seeing messages in your logs of the form:

automatic vacuum of table XXX.YYY cannot (re)acquire exclusive lock for truncate scan"

then you might be hitting this issue.

I will dig into our logs to see for the query times.

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On 13-04-22 01:38 PM, Anne Rosset wrote:
We are seeing some overall performance degradation in our application
   since we installed the security release. Other commits were also
done at the same time in the application so we don't know yet if the
   degradation has any relationship with the security release.

   While we are digging into this, I would like to know if it is possible
   that the release has some impact on performance. After reading this
   "It was created as a side effect of a refactoring effort to make
   establishing new connections to a PostgreSQL server faster, and the
   associated code more maintainable.", I am thinking it is quite possible.

   Please let me know. Thanks,
Exactly which version of PostgreSQL are you running? (we released security 
update releases for multiple PG versions).  Also which version were you running 

There were some changes to analyze/vacuum in the previous set of minor releases 
that could cause performance issues in some cases (ie if statistics are no 
longer being updated because analyze can't get the
exclusive lock for truncation).   There might be other unintended
performance related changes.

Are all queries taking longer or only some?  Can you find any sort of pattern 
that might help narrow the issue?



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