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It opens a new file, fallocates 16MB, calls fdatasync.

Outside of the run for performance testing, I think it would be good at this
point to validate that there is really a 16MB file full of zeroes resulting
from these operations.  I am not really concerned that posix_fallocate might
be slower in some cases; that seems unlikely.  I am concerned that it might
result in a file that isn't structurally the same as the 16MB of zero writes
implementation used now.

util-linux comes with fallocate which (might?) suffice for testing in
that respect, no?
If that is a real concern, it could be made part of the autoconf
testing, perhaps.

I was just thinking of something to run in your test program, not another build time check. Just run the new allocation sequence, and then check the resulting WAL file for a) correct length, and b) 16K of zero bytes. I would like to build some confidence that posix_fallocate is operating correctly in this context on at least one platform. My experience with Linux handling this class of functions correctly has left me skeptical of them working until that's proven to be the case.

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