On 6/14/13 3:50 PM, Fabien COELHO wrote:
I think that the weirdness really comes from the way transactions times
are measured, their interactions with throttling, and latent bugs in the

measurement times, no; interactions with throttling, no. If it was either of those I'd have finished this off days ago. Latent bugs, possibly. We may discover there's nothing wrong with your code at the end here, that it just makes hitting this bug more likely. Unfortunately today is the day *some* bug is popping up, and I want to get it squashed before I'll be happy.

The lag is actually happening during a kernel call that isn't working as expected. I'm not sure whether this bug was there all along if \sleep was used, or if it's specific to the throttle sleep.

> Also, flag st->listen is set to 1 but *never* set back to 0...

I noticed that st-listen was weird too, and that's on my short list of suspicious things I haven't figured out yet.

I added a bunch more logging as pgbench steps through its work to track down where it's stuck at. Until the end all transactions look like this:

1371238832.084783 client 10 throttle lag 2 us
1371238832.084783 client 10 executing \setrandom aid 1 :naccounts
1371238832.084803 client 10 sending SELECT abalance FROM pgbench_accounts WHERE aid = 753099;
1371238832.084840 calling select
1371238832.086539 client 10 receiving
1371238832.086539 client 10 finished

All clients who hit lag spikes at the end are going through this sequence instead:

1371238832.085912 client 13 throttle lag 790 us
1371238832.085912 client 13 executing \setrandom aid 1 :naccounts
1371238832.085931 client 13 sending SELECT abalance FROM pgbench_accounts WHERE aid = 564894;
1371238832.086592 client 13 receiving
1371238832.086662 calling select
1371238832.235543 client 13 receiving
1371238832.235543 client 13 finished

Note the "calling select" here that wasn't in the normal length transaction before it. The client is receiving something here, but rather than it finishing the transaction it falls through and ends up at the select() system call outside of doCustom. All of the clients that are sleeping when the system slips into one of these long select() calls are getting stuck behind it. I'm not 100% sure, but I think this only happens when all remaining clients are sleeping.

Here's another one, it hits the receive that doesn't finish the transaction earlier (1371238832.086587) but then falls into the same select() call at 1371238832.086662:

1371238832.085884 client 12 throttle lag 799 us
1371238832.085884 client 12 executing \setrandom aid 1 :naccounts
1371238832.085903 client 12 sending SELECT abalance FROM pgbench_accounts WHERE aid = 299080;
1371238832.086587 client 12 receiving
1371238832.086662 calling select
1371238832.231032 client 12 receiving
1371238832.231032 client 12 finished

Investigation is still going here...

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