> The result of the current patch using lead

Actually, I think I agree with you (and, FWIW, so does Oracle:
I've refactored the window function's implementation so that (e.g.) lead(5)
means the 5th non-null value away in front of the current row (the previous
implementation was the last non-null value returned if the 5th rows in
front was null). These semantics are slower, as the require the function to
scan through the tuples discarding non-null ones. I've made the
implementation use a bitmap in the partition context to cache whether or
not a given tuple produces a null. This seems correct (it passes the
regression tests) but as it stores row offsets (which are int64s) I was
careful not to use bitmap methods that use ints to refer to set members.
I've added more explanation in the code's comments. Thanks -

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