Greg Stark <> writes:
> Writing out each guc in a separate file is a singularly bad idea. It's

I'm not buying into any of your arguments here, and have something to
add to that part:

> I'm not even clear we do want this in /etc since none of our GUC
> options are repeatable things like Apache virtual servers. It actually
> makes *more* sense for pg_hba than it does for gucs. I think we can
> assume that in the future we'll have something like it however.

Given a conf.d option in /etc it's then quite easy to add per-extension
configuration files in the packaging system, so that users don't have to
edit postgresql.conf for default values.

We still need some kind of repeatable settings that we don't have yet
for that to happen: cumulative setting of a "list" GUC such as
local_preload_libraries and suchlike.

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