Kodamasimham Pridhvi (MT2012066) <pridhvi.kodamasim...@iiitb.org>

> We students of International Institute of Information Technology
> Bangalore India, are interested to contribute to  PostgreSQL
> development. We identified some modules from ToDo list to which
> we want to contribute.We want to begin with an simple module with
> less dependency like 'Add pretty-printed XML output option'. If
> our work is satisfactory we would like to further contribute for
> module 'Add XML Schema validation and xmlvalidate functions
> (SQL:2008)'. 
> If the ToDo items chosen are okay, will you please help us by
> elaborating more details on requirements of module 'Add
> pretty-printed XML output option', we want to begin with this
> module so as to quick overview of complete process.  

The normal process would be for you to search the community
discussion list archives for any previous discussions on the topic,
and propose both an API for how to choose pretty printing and a
format for the pretty-printed output.  Once the there is a
consensus on those questions, you can start coding, post a proposed
patch, add it to the CommitFest application, and participate in the
next CF cycle.



Kevin Grittner
EDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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