* Amit Kapila (amit.kapil...@gmail.com) wrote:
> So let me try to explain what I understood from above:
> 1. enable_alter_system a new GUC whose default value =off.
> 2. Alter System will check this variable and return error (not
> allowed), if this parameter is off.
> 3. Now if user enables include directive in postgresql.conf, it will
> enable Alter System as value of
>     enable_alter_system is on.
> 4. User can run Alter System command to disable Alter System
> "enable_alter_system = off".
>     Now even though include directive is enabled, but new Alter System
> commands will not work, however
>     existing parameter's take into effect on restart/sighup.

Yes.  Not sure that it'd be terribly likely for a user to do that, but
if they do it, so be it.



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