* Martijn van Oosterhout ( wrote:
> ISTM you want some kind of hybrid setting like:
> #include_system auto.conf
> which simultaneously does three things:
> 1. Sets the enable_alter_system flag
> 2. Indicates the file to use
> 3. Indicates the priority of the setting re other settings.
> Comment it out, ALTER SYSTEM stop working. Put it back and it's
> immediately clear what it means. And the user can control where the
> settings go.

Yeah, that's certainly an interesting idea.  I might call it
'auto_conf_file auto.conf' to avoid the '#include' concern and to
perhaps clarify that it's more than just a regular 'include'.

> Syntax is a bit fugly though.



                (who is still unhappy about the GUC-specific handling for 
                paths in postgresql.conf)

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