On 7/20/13 10:08 AM, Kohei KaiGai wrote:
Hmm. I didn't have this idea. It seems to me fair enough and kills
necessity to enhance RangeTblEntry and getrelid() indeed.
I try to fix up this implementation according to your suggestion.

How is that going? I'm going to do a serious review of this myself over the next few weeks. I have a good chunk of time set aside for it as part of a larger project. I'm hoping to get more people here involved in that effort too, starting in the November CF if that works out.

I've been trying to catch up with your larger plan for this feature for 9.4. You made this comment earlier:

> Also, I'd like to have discussion for this feature in earlier half of
> v9.4 to keep time for the remaining features, such as check on
> writer-side, integration with selinux, and so on

Is any of that code around yet? I see that you have split your submissions so that a smaller program can be reviewed today. I'd like to start taking a look at the next step too though. For the project I'm starting to work on here, getting the integration with labeling also done is a very important thing to target for 9.4. It would be nice to see how that fits together today, even if the code for it isn't being reviewed heavily yet.

I don't quite understand yet what's missing on the writer side. If you could help explain what's missing there, I would like to read about that.

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