On 7/20/13 10:08 AM, Kohei KaiGai wrote:

With that change to expand_targetlist(), the change to getrelid() may
be unnecessary, and then also the new rowsec_relid field in
RangeTblEntry may not be needed.

Hmm. I didn't have this idea. It seems to me fair enough and kills
necessity to enhance RangeTblEntry and getrelid() indeed.
I try to fix up this implementation according to your suggestion.

Great, there's one useful bit of feedback for you then, and that seems to address Tom's getrelid concern too.

For the active CommitFest, I don't see any place we can go with this right now except for "Returned with Feedback". We really need more reviewers willing to put a significant amount of time into going through this code.

Anyone who would like to see RLS committed should consider how you can get resources to support a skilled PostgreSQL reviewer spending time on it. (This is a bit much to expect new reviewers to chew on usefully) I've been working on that here, but I don't have anything I can publicly commit to yet.

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