* Cédric Villemain (ced...@2ndquadrant.com) wrote:
> ALTER ROLE ALL may be good enougth to handle every GUC that we can also 
> remove 
> from postgresql.conf (I suppose all GUC needing only a reload, not a 
> restart). 
> It may needs some improvement to handle changing default for ALL and adding 
> new role.

Yes, one of the issues with the existing system is that you can't
specify a default to be applied to new roles.  Also, there are
parameters which are not per-role yet which it probably makes sense to
be in the database and we'd need a way to deal with that.  Although, at
the same time, considering it role based does make for a nice
distinction.  Unfortunately, those clammoring for this will argue that
it wouldn't replace adminpack and that they couldn't use it to modify
their /etc/network/interfaces file, which is the obvious next step to
all of this.

> Grammar can be added later when the feature is stable.

I tend to agree w/ Andres on this point- the grammar isn't really the
contentious part.  I think I see where you were going with this in that
excluding the grammar makes it able to live as a module, but that's a
different consideration.

> I've commented one of the proposed patch adding some helpers to validate GUC 
> change, I claimed this part was good enough to be added without ALTER SYSTEM 
> (so a contrib can use it).




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