On 2013-10-15 15:17:58 +0200, Andres Freund wrote:
> If we go for CSV I think we should put the entire primary key as one
> column (containing all the columns) and the entire row another.

What about columns like:
* action B|I|U|D|C

* xid
* timestamp

* tablename

* key name
* key column names
* key column types

* new key column values

* column names
* column types
* column values

* candidate_key_changed?
* old key column values

And have output plugin options
* include-column-types
* include-column-names
* include-primary-key

If something isn't included it's simply left out.

What still need to be determined is:
* how do we separate and escape multiple values in one CSV column
* how do we represent NULLs


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