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I still think my previous proposal of increasing the defaults for
work_mem and maintenance_work_mem by 4X would serve many more
people well than it would serve poorly.  I haven't heard anyone
disagree with that notion.  Does anyone disagree?  Should we do

I think that it makes sense to do that.  Those are still reasonable
defaults for a machine with 2GB of RAM, maybe even with less.
We're talking about putting this only in a release that will come
out in 2014.  How many machines used for a database server that new
will have less than that?

A lot. A whole lot, more than what most people have in production with more than that. You are forgetting a very large segment of the population who run... VMs.

Why don't we just have 3 default config files:

2GB memory
4GB memory
8GB memory

Have initdb detect how much memory is available on the machine in TOTAL and pick the most appropriate.

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