On 10/21/2013 08:11 AM, Robert Haas wrote:

Supposedly, we have a policy that for each patch you submit, you ought
to review a patch.  That right there ought to provide enough reviewers
for all the patches, but clearly it didn't.  And I'm pretty sure that
some people (like me) looked at a lot MORE patches than they
themselves submitted.  I think auditing who is not contributing in
that area and finding tactful ways to encourage them to contribute
would be a very useful service to the project.

What if as part of the patch submission process you had to pick the patch you were going to review? If there are no patches to review, then we obviously don't have a problem. If there are patches to review then we are all set.

I guess there is the problem of there only being patches that a submitter is not qualified to review but I find that miniscule as every person on this list (myself included) can do a cursory review (patch applies, docs are good, indentation is appropriate, works as advertised).

The commitfest app would have to be modified for this but what do people think?

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