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For as long as I can remember I have heard complaints about the fact that pg_dump doesn't use a backup format that is supported by the pg_restore program. At every single talk that I give that talks about pg_dump, the people in the majority of the audience agrees that this is rather silly and a barrier to usability.

The only counter argument I have heard is that it adds an extra step for developers to get the SQL that generates a database. That to me is a weak argument as pg_dump is a production/admin too, first, not a developer tool.

I humbly request on behalf of those who manage production postgresql instances that we change the default backup file format from -Fp to -Fc.

At least it gives you a nice message now instead of the rather cryptic message it used to give:

   [andrew@emma inst.5715]$ bin/pg_dump -f foo.sql
   [andrew@emma inst.5715]$ bin/pg_restore foo.sql
   pg_restore: [archiver] input file appears to be a text format dump.
   Please use psql.



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