Tom Lane wrote:
> Josh Berkus <> writes:
> > If we wanted to change the defaults, I think it would be easier to
> > create a separate bin name (e.g. pg_backup) than to change the existing
> > parameters for pg_dump.
> That might work.  However, just to be contrary: what about the
> functionality of pg_dumpall?  We've heard repeated complaints about
> pg_dump's lack of ability to dump multiple databases or global settings,
> and just institutionalizing the existing -Fc format as the default
> will make it harder not easier to fix that.
> I'd be happier about inventing a pg_backup if it were a replacement for
> pg_dumpall and not just a cosmetic wrapper.

Maybe we could provide a master controller program (pg_backup or
whatever name we agree on), which could receive commands much like

$ pg_backup --help
pg_backup is a backup handler program for PostgreSQL.

  pg_backup backup [-p PATTERN] DATABASE [...]
  pg_backup restore [-f PATH]
  pg_backup backup_globals

The "pattern" stuff would let you specify many databases in the command
line and have it dump each DB on a separate file, and perhaps do
strftime-style replacements, etc.

Initially we could have this just call pg_dump underneath, but
eventually it might grow superpowers of its own.

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