Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Mike Mascari wrote:
>>I will do some testing with concurrency and let you know. But 
>>don't get your hopes up. This is one of the many advantages that 
>>TABLESPACEs have when more than one relation is stored in a 
>>single DATAFILE. There was Oracle for MS-DOS, after all..
> I was focusing on handling of pg_pwd and other config file that are
> written by various backend while other backends are reading them.  The
> actual data files should be OK because we have an exclusive lock when we
> are adding/removing them.

OK. So you want to test:

1. Process 1 opens "foo"
2. Process 2 opens "foo"
3. Process 1 renames "foo" to "bar"
4. Process 2 can safely read from its open file handle

Is that what you want tested? I have a small Win32 app ready to 
test. Just let me know the scenarios...

Mike Mascari

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