Bruce Momjian wrote:
> I don't think we are not going to be supporting Win9X so there isn't an
> issue there.  We will be supporting Win2000/NT/XP.
> I don't understand FILE_SHARE_DELETE.  I read the description at:
> but I don't understand it:
>       FILE_SHARE_DELETE - Windows NT/2000/XP: Subsequent open operations on
>       the object will succeed only if delete access is requested.

I think that's a rather poor description. I think it just means 
that if the file is opened once via CreateFile() with 
FILE_SHARE_DELETE, then any subsequent CreateFile() calls will 
fail unless they too have FILE_SHARE_DELETE. In other words, if 
one of us can delete this file while its open, any of us can.

Mike Mascari

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