Tom Lane <> wrote:

> quite a lot of people have looked at Postgres with Coverity
> already.  If Clang is throwing up lots and lots of warnings, the
> odds are *very* high that most of them are false positives. 
> Running through such a list to see if there's anything real isn't
> all that exciting a prospect.

Here is the summary of what was reported:

All Bugs:  313

  Argument with 'nonnull' attribute passed null:  13
Dead store
  Dead assignment:  65
  Dead increment:  11
Logic error
  Assigned value is garbage or undefined:  19
  Branch condition evaluates to a garbage value:  2
  Dereference of null pointer:  98
  Division by zero:  15
  Out-of-bound array access:  1
  Result of operation is garbage or undefined:  9
  Stack address stored into global variable:  1
  Uninitialized argument value:  74
Memory Error
  Double free:  1
  Memory leak:  1
Unix API
  Allocator sizeof operand mismatch:  3

Does anything stand out as something that is particularly worth
looking into?  Does anything here seem worth assuming is completely
bogus because of the Coverity and Valgrind passes?

Kevin Grittner
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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