Peter Eisentraut <> wrote:

> I have tracked scan-build for some time, and I'm sure that almost
> all of these bugs are false positives at this point.

From poking around, I agree.  One particular error I noticed that
it makes a lot is that in a loop it says that an assigned value is
not referenced if the reference will not be hit until the next
iteration of the loop.

> Btw., you can also keep score here:

Cool.  I wasn't aware that anyone was already looking at this.

> It's worth keeping an eye on this, but it's not worth losing
> sleep over.

Agreed in general; however, with this 3.4 development build the
"Memory Error" section only showed two problems, and those were the
only two problems I found that were real.  It might be worth
monitoring that one section.

If nobody objects, I'll fix that small memory leak in the
regression test driver.  Hopefully someone more familiar with
pg_basebackup will fix the double-free (and related problems
mentioned by Tom) in streamutil.c.

Kevin Grittner
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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