On 20 Sep 2002 at 10:26, Jonah H. Harris wrote:

> Also, did you disable fsync?

Aarrrgggh.. If that turns out to be culprit, I will kill him..;-)

Problem is I can't see postgresql.conf nor can access his command history and 
he has left for the day..

I will count that in checklist but this is postgresql 7.1.3 on RHL7.2.. IIRC it 
should have WAL, in which case -F should not matter much..

On second thought, would it be worth to try 7.2.2, compiled? Will there be any 
performance difference? I can see on other machine that Mandrake8.2 has come 
with 7.2-12..

I think this may be the factor as well..


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