Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> I would consider sidestepping this entire issue by having the
> stand-alone backend create a Unix-domain socket and have a client
> connect to that in the normal way.

Hmm.  But that requires the "stand-alone backend" to take on at least
some properties of a postmaster; at the very least, it would need to
accept some form of shutdown signal (not just EOF on its stdin).

Perhaps more to the point, I think this approach actually breaks one of
the principal good-thing-in-emergencies attributes of standalone mode,
namely being sure that nobody but you can connect.  With this, you're
right back to having a race condition as to whether your psql command
gets to the socket before somebody else.

I think we'd be better off trying to fix the security issue by
constraining what can be executed as a "standalone backend".  Would
it work to insist that psql/pg_dump launch the program named postgres
from the same bin directory they're in, rather than accepting a path
from the connection string?

                        regards, tom lane

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