On Thu, Nov 21, 2013 at 9:44 PM, Heikki Linnakangas
<hlinnakan...@vmware.com> wrote:
> Here's a new version. To ease the review, I split the remaining patch again
> into two, where the first patch is just yet more refactoring.
> I also fixed some bugs in WAL logging and replay that I bumped into while
> testing.
Cool. Here is the review of the two remaining patches.
1) More refactoring, general remarks:
- Code compiles without warnings
- Passes make check
- If I got it correctly... this patch separates the part managing data
to be inserted from ginbtree. I can understand the meaning behind that
if we consider that GinBtree is used only to define methods and search
conditions (flags and keys). However I am wondering if this does not
make the code more complicated... Particularly the flag isDelete that
is only passed to ginxlogInsert meritates its comment IMO. Note that I
haven't read the 2nd patch when writing that :)
- With this patch, previous SELECT example takes 5.236 ms in average,
runtime does not change.
1-1) This block of code is repeated several times and should be
refactored into a single function:
/* During index build, count the new page */
if (buildStats)
    if (btree->isData)
Something with a function like that perhaps:
static void ginCountNewPage(GinBtree btree, GinStatsData *buildStats);
1-2) Could it be possible to change the variable name of
"GinBtreeEntryInsertData *entry" in entryIsEnoughSpace? entry->entry
is kind of hard to apprehend... Renaming it to either insertEntry.
Another idea would be to rename entry in GinBtreeEntryInsertData to
entryData or entryTuple.
1-3) This block of code is present two times:
+       if (!isleaf)
+       {
+               PostingItem *pitem = GinDataPageGetPostingItem(lpage, off);
+               PostingItemSetBlockNumber(pitem, updateblkno);
+       }
Should the update of a downlink to point to the next page be a
separate function?
2) post recovery cleanup:
- OK, so roughly the soul of this patch is to change the update
mechanism for a left child gin page so as the parent split is always
done first before any new data is inserted in this child. And this
ensures that we can remove the xlog cleanup mechanism for gin page
splits in the same fashion as gist... xlog redo mechanism is then
adapted according to that.
- Compilation fails becausze the flags GIN_SPLIT_ISLEAF and
GIN_SPLIT_ISDATA are missing in gin_private.h. The patch attached
fixes that though.
- With my additional patch, it passes make check, compilation shows no warnings.
- I did some tests with the patch:
-- Index creation time
vanilla: 3266.834
with the two patches: 3412.473 ms
-- Tried the new redo mechanism by simulating some server failures a
couple of times and saw no failures
- I am seeing similar run times for queries like the example used in
previous emails of this thread. So no problem on this side.
- And... Here are some comments about the code:
2-1) In ginFindParents, is the case where the stack has no parent
possible (aka the stack is the root itself)? Shouldn't this code path
check if root is NULL or not?
2-2) Not sure that this structure is in-line with the project policy:
       BlockNumber left;
       BlockNumber right;
} children;
Why not adding a complementary structure in gin_private.h doing that?
It could be used as well in ginxlogSplit to specify a left/right
family of block numbers.
2-3) s/kepy/kept (comments of ginFinishSplit)
Other than that, the patch looks great. I particularly like the new
redo logic in ginxlog.c, the code is more easily understandable with
the split redo removed. Even if I am just a noob for this code, it is
nicely built and structured.

diff --git a/src/include/access/gin_private.h b/src/include/access/gin_private.h
index d27ff7d..382a23c 100644
--- a/src/include/access/gin_private.h
+++ b/src/include/access/gin_private.h
@@ -48,7 +48,9 @@ typedef GinPageOpaqueData *GinPageOpaque;
 #define GIN_META                 (1 << 3)
 #define GIN_LIST                 (1 << 4)
 #define GIN_LIST_FULLROW  (1 << 5)             /* makes sense only on GIN_LIST 
page */
-#define GIN_INCOMPLETE_SPLIT (1 << 6)  /* page was split, but parent not 
updated */
+#define GIN_SPLIT_ISLEAF  (1 << 6)
+#define GIN_SPLIT_ISDATA  (1 << 7)
+#define GIN_INCOMPLETE_SPLIT (1 << 8)  /* page was split, but parent not 
updated */
 /* Page numbers of fixed-location pages */
 #define GIN_METAPAGE_BLKNO     (0)
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