We started with

Fri Nov 15

Status Summary. Needs Review: 79, Waiting on Author: 7, Ready for Committer: 5, 
Committed: 7, Returned with Feedback: 3, Rejected: 1. Total: 102.

We are now at

Fri Nov 22

Status Summary. Needs Review: 47, Waiting on Author: 28, Ready for Committer: 
10, Committed: 18, Returned with Feedback: 3, Rejected: 3. Total: 109.

(some late arrivals, some patches split)

Progress has been quite good.

Almost all patch authors responded to my call to sign up for reviewing
someone else's patch.

20 patches are still without reviewer.  Most of those are the typical
difficult topics (indexes, replication), so now might be a good time
for experts in those areas to start picking up the remaining patches.

In the coming week, we will be following up with reviewers to send in
their first review if they haven't already done so.

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