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>>>Ok. we will then first fix the \COPY TO issue where it does not revert back 
>>>the overriden psql output file handle. Once this is solved, fix for both 
>>>COPY FROM and COPY TO, like how it is done in the patch earlier 

>>I analyzed the solution to fix \COPY TO issue but unfortunately I observed 
>>that do_copy is already resetting the value of cur_cmd_source and queryFout 
>>but before that itself result status is printed. So we'll have to reset the 
>>value before result status is
>>being displayed.
>>So as other alternative solutions, I have two approaches:

>>1.      We can store current file destination queryFout in some local 
>>variable and pass the same to SendQuery function as a parameter. Same can be 
>>used to reset the value of queryFout after return from ProcessResult

>>From all other callers of SendQuery , we can pass NULL value for this new 
 >>2.      We can add new structure member variable FILE *prevQueryFout in 
 >>structure "struct _psqlSettings", which hold the value of queryFout before 
 >>being changed in do_copy. And then same can be used to reset value in 
 >>SendQuery or ProcessResult.

>I think approach #2 is fine. Rather than prevQueryFout, I suggest defining a 
>separate FILE * handle for COPY. I don't see any other client-side command 
>that uses its own file pointer for reading and writing, like how COPY does. 
>And this handle has
> nothing to do with pset stdin and stdout. So we can have this special 
> _psqlSettings->copystream specifically for COPY. Both handleCopyIn() and 
> handleCopyOut() will be passed pset.copystream. In do_copy(),  instead of 
> overriding
>pset.queryFout, we can set pset.copystream to copystream, or to stdin/stdout 
>if copystream is NULL.

OK. I have revised the patch as per the discussion. Now if \copy command is 
called then, we are setting the appropriate value of _psqlSettings->copystream 
in do_copy and same is being used inside handleCopyIn() and handleCopyOut(). 
Once the \copy command execution finishes, we are resetting the value of 
_psqlSettings->copystream to NULL. And if COPY(No slash) command is used, then 
in that case _psqlSettings->copystream will be NULL. So based on this value 
being NULL, copyStream will be assigned as stdout/stdin depending on TO/FROM 
respectively inside the function handleCopyOut()/handleCopyIn().

Also in order to address the queries like
./psql -d postgres -c "\copy tbl to 
'/home/rajeev/9.4gitcode/install/bin/data/temp.txt'; copy tbl from stdin;"
Inside the function ProcessResult, we check that if it is the second cycle and 
result status is COPY OUT or IN, then we reset the value of 
_psqlSettings->copystream to NULL, so that it can take the value as 
stdout/stdin for further processing.

Please provide your opinion.

Thanks and Regards,
Kumar Rajeev Rastogi

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