Greg Stark <> writes:
> Also, one of the places GCC warns about optimizing away an overflow
> check (with -fno-wrapv) is inside the localtime.c file from the tz
> library. I fixed it in my patch but in fact I checked and it's already
> fixed upstream so I'm wondering whether you expect to merge in an
> updated tz library? Is there anything surprising about the process or
> do you just copy in the files? Would you be happy for someone else to
> do it?

We've made a number of changes in our copies, unfortunately.  What you
have to do is look at the upstream diffs since we last synchronized
with them (which according to src/timezone/README was tzcode 2010c)
and merge those diffs as appropriate.  It should be reasonably
mechanical, but don't forget to update the README.

                        regards, tom lane

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