Hi all,

I am doing some changes in trigger firing mechanism (as a POC first, I will
share my work if people find it useful and if it works).

I am going to extend the trigger calls to child tables. So that in trigger
definition I can create triggers with CASCADED TRUE | FALSE option.

This will enable me to extend certain triggers to child tables and get over
the scenarios when a record gets inserted in child table and any *after
insert* triggers on parent tables never get fired.

I am right now trying to change pg_trigger and CreateTrigger function. I
have made changes in below files:
     - Added a New Variable cascadedOption (bool)
     - Added a new statement in trigger.c to set the value:
                 values[Anum_pg_trigger_tgiscascaded - 1] =
     -  Added a new column in CATALOG definition of pg_trigger in
               bool tgiscascaded;
     -  In pg_trigger.h, added a new position for values
            #define Anum_pg_trigger_tgiscascaded    16
     - Modified parsenode.h to add a new element in Structure for trigger
statement -CreateTrigStmt

                 bool        cascadedOption;

CreateTrigStmt is passed to CreateTrigger function as an arguement. I am
struggling to understand how the values for various members of trigger are
set and where [which file] calls CreateTrigStmt.

Can someone provide some help on this?

Best Regards,
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