I have been finally able to get the right set of files. I going with below

1) Add a new column in pg_trigger called tgiscascaded

2) Change pg_trigger.h for this

3) Made changes in trigger.c to insert this values

4) Corresponding changes made in
                 - reltrigger.h
                 - parsenode.h

5) Changed gram.y to understand a new key word in CREATE TRIGGER statement
                - The new option will be optional and will apply only to
non-constraint triggers
                - If the option is specified trigger will CASCADE to child

6) I just complied the source code (modified with above changes) and it
                - Added a new column in pg_trigger
                - The new column is able to derive its value from CREATE
TRIGGER statement based on whether CASDADED was specified or not
                - The value is True if the option was specified
                - The value is false if the option was not specified

7) Now I will work on trigger firing mechanism with below approach
               - Before firing triggers, check if it's an inherited table
               - First get CASCADED triggers for parents and fire them
               - Proceed as usual

Any suggestion on improving the approach or comments on need for this
feature are welcome.


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