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Wow, Josh, I'm surprised to hear this from you.

The active/inactive list mechanism works great for the vast majority of
users.  The second-use algorithm prevents a lot of pathological behavior,
like wiping out your entire cache by copying a big file or running a
backup.  We *need* that kind of logic in the kernel.

The amount of automated testing, including performance testing, has
increased markedly in the last couple of years.  I bet that it would not
be hard at all to get somebody like Fengguang Wu to add some
Postgres-oriented I/O tests to his automatic suite:


Then we would all have a much better idea of how kernel releases are
affecting one of our most important applications; developers would pay
attention to that information.

Or you could go off and do your own thing, but I believe that would leave
us all poorer.

Thank you for your very well thought out, and knowledgeable response. This is certainly helpful and highlights what a lot of us were already stating.


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