* Magnus Hagander (mag...@hagander.net) wrote:
> I think that's an excellent idea. If one of our developers could find the
> time to attend that, I think that could be very productive. While I'm not
> on the funds team, I'd definitely vote for funding such participation out
> of community funds if said developer can't do it on his own.
> But it should definitely be a developer with interest and skills in that
> particular area as well of course :) So don't think I'm proposing myself, I
> definitely am not :)

For my part, I'm definitely interested and those dates currently look
like they'd work for me.  Not sure if I really meet Magnus'
qualifications above, but I'd be happy to try. ;)  Stark and I were
having a pretty good discussion with Ted Ts'o at pgconf.eu and he
certainly seemed interested and willing to at least discuss things with



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